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- Business Development

Behin Bazaar collects and categorizes SAMSUNG’s required information from every corner of the country on a daily basis. The respective information is sent exclusively to SAMSUNG. Carrying out above mentioned services in compliance with international standards in spite of the existing obstacles in Iran’s market, Behin Bazaar has proved its capability in paving the way for its customers and safeguarding the security of their companies’ information. Currently, Behin Bazaar aims at offering these services in six segments listed below to other companies.

1.Employment: Concerning to the requirements of the intended job, Behin Bazaar will recruit the most eligible person in the city of your interest using its existing database within the minimum amount of time

2.Employee Training: Using the latest methods, Behin Bazaar offers training programs for your employees and intended team to fit the required positions to guarantee the long-term success of your business

3.Administrative Services: Creating physical space and offering financial and administrative services to your company

4.Monitoring and Supervision: since quality of performance is of utmost importance to Behin Bazaar, this drives us to monitor and supervise your team’s performance on your behalf within specified time intervals

5.Payment of salaries and legal dues: providing you with services related to salary payments and legal dues

6.Report & Analysis: creating report from all of the compiled data and analyzing them in case of clients’ need

Marketing Plan

Gaining an in-depth understanding of your business, Behin Bazaar will provide you with a comprehensive and intelligent marketing plan to differentiate you from your competitors

Market Research

We pride ourselves on conducting researches and analyses for SAMSUNG Company on a weekly and monthly basis in different cities across the country. This long and wide experience in this regard enables us to offer market research services to other businesses thoroughly

BTL Services

- Holding Seminars

- Merchandising

- Making Decorations & Advertising Stands

- Instructing about the products

- Publication & Print


Supply chain management: Behin Bazaar with several years of experience with Samsung and doing supply chain management in compliance with international standards is capable of offering services such as: 1.Planning 2. Resources 3. Production 5.Referral to other companies as well

Legal Advice

With employing the most prominent lawyers in Iran, Behin Bazaar provides you with legal advice in domestic and international legal matters

- Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization: Considering the fact that one of the aims of each business is being in top results of search engines, making use of the latest and updated methods, Behin Bazaar finds and chooses the most accurate keywords with regard to your business and spreads them all over the internet to ensure your maximum visibility throughout the virtual space


Content Management System: Now a days, with expansion of modern science and technology, the winner is the company that has conducted flawless content analysis and generated proper content accordingly and has spread them fittingly. Behin bazaar will pave the way for you in this regard through creating and modifying the content displayed on your website and managing how the content connects and interact with other elements of your website to improve your business as ever before


Search Engine Marketing: Assuming that all the digital marketing activities have been done but no advertisement has been placed to introduce your product, this exactly is like setting up the finest shop in a deserted street where no one passes by. To take you to the high street, Behin bazaar will do the research and position your website within search engines to increase your share of paid and/or unpaid traffic referrals from search engines


Brand Identity: In today’s world, branding undoubtedly is a part and parcel of any business. Having an eye on differences in virtual world, Behin Bazaar will help you promote your brand image according to your business goals and products in line with your brand identity to help you distinguish your company from your competitors and create a lasting impression in the minds of your customers


Social Media Optimization: Thanks to its familiarity with Iranian attitudes and areas of interest in virtual space, Behin Bazaar manage social media activities of its clients in FB, tweeter, Instagram, and other social networks and localize your contents, if need be, while complying with the domestic rules and regulations


Featuring a multi-disciplined team of experts with extensive digital marketing experience who are thoroughly familiar with Iranian digital market, Behin Bazaar will create, run and manage the most effective and innovative advertising campaigns for its clients

Report & Analytic

Preparing reports from different websites, social networks, campaigns, and so on as well as analyzing them as per your request to provide you with the most profound insight of your company’s state in the virtual space and that of your clients