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For installing your iPhone App from Safari Browser

Please follow these steps to install your app on your iPhone:

1- Simply Open this URL on your iPhone Safari Browser - Link

2- Click the Launch button which will open a dialog box that will say would like to install "Behin Bazaar"

3- Tap install and the app will then install onto your iPhone

4- If you are getting “Untrusted App Developer” message when trying to run Behin Bazaar App on iPhone then follow the instructions

- Go to: Settings -> General -> Device Management

- Choose "Appy Pie LLC"

- Taps Trust

- Taps "Trust" in pop up.

- Now, try running Behin Bazaar app again and it should work




For Installing your Android App from Browser

Please follow these steps to install your app on your Android Device. To start with, please ensure that the “Unknown sources” box is checked (in the browser) to allow installation of non-Market applications.

1) Simply Open the below URL on your Android Phone Browser - Link

2) This will download the .apk file.

3) Tap install and the app will be installed onto your device.

Qr Code for IOS


Qr Code for Android