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Behin Bazaar was established to accommodate Samsung Electronics’ marketing requirements and to provide research-based information and analysis vital for sustainable market presence and future expansion of sales network in Iran for this company.

Since its establishment, Behin Bazaar has successfully managed to provide  Samsung with professional services in diverse areas such as human resources, recruitment, market research, data collection and analysis and BTL activities ( holding seminars, merchandising, training of sales employees, shop decorations, product display stands & etc) with the highest proficiency.

Catering to Samsung’s demand with international standards despite existing restrictions in Iran, Behin Bazaar has proven its expertise and capabilities in this regard and is ready to offer the mentioned services to other companies as well.

Moreover, considering the importance of digital marketing in today’s world, with recruiting highly-educated, skilled, and experienced team of expertise, Behin Bazaar is willing  to offer all digital marketing services in a specialized and localized way to a broader range of national and international companies.

Behin Bazaar Marketing & Digital Marketing Agency l کانون مارکتینگ و دیجیتال مارکتینگ بهین بازار